The Most Eco Friendly Bib Shorts Ever Made

Performance and sustainability are equally top priorities for us. We believe you can have both without one sacrificing the other. We are continually pushing the boundaries for what is possible. 

This drive and exploration led us to develop our newest bib short. We wanted to make a bib short that was as equally sustainable as our cycling jersey and our tech-tees. 

So we worked hard and developed a bib short that is nearly entirely made from recycled materials. From the thighs, all the way up over the shoulders, these bibs are made with materials that have been recycled and repurposed.

There is an incredible amount of waste and pollution in the fashion industry. 

Second to oil, the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world (1). 

Plant Athletic will not follow the norm. We choose to be different and push the standards of this industry. We can find a way to reduce waste and pollution in our industry and this is a big step for us. 

Here are some features that we are super proud of with this new bib short.  

Made With Recycled Materials 

Without sacrificing quality or performance, we have managed to develop a material that is made from recycled materials. We are committed to reducing waste and our carbon footprint and we are so excited about these new fabrics. 

From the lycra fabric that provides stability and comfort to the mesh straps that keep the bibs up and in place, these bibs are all recycled. 

Of course, the chamois and the label are not made with recycled materials...but don't worry about it, we are working on a solution for that too.  

New Hidden Pocket 

In order to increase the utility of this Bib Short, we have added a super handy and hidden pocket. Big enough to store a large iPhone, keys, wallet or even a light vest in the colder weather. 

This newly added feature is a small subtle feature but goes a long way. The extra storage is essential for those long ride days where you just need a little bit of extra carry space. 

Improved Threading  

we have adjusted and improved the threading slightly. In order to increase durability, we have made slight adjustments to the technique and type of threading. We want to ensure these Bib Shorts hold strong for years and years of long rides. 

Improved Chamois 

We have updated and improved the chamois in this new bib short. The new bib short has a more comfortable chamois that is built for long rides in the saddle. This new chamois also has improved breathability adding to extra comfort and reduced friction in the saddle. 

Updated Women's Strap Design

The new Women’s bibs now have a more traditional dual strap design. 

Higher Mid Section

We have made these new Bib Shorts a little bit higher in the front. We were noticing a gap in the front between the Jersey and the top of the Bib Shorts. In order to eliminate this game and allow for a smooth surface for the Jersey to rest, we raised up the front portion. 

This also provides some extra support and comfort when riding. It helps feel secure and while sitting in the cycling position it forms the fold of the body perfectly. 







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