We are Alexis, David, James, Joshua, Mattia, Taylor, and Tyler. Seven vegan cyclists riding/competing at different levels, who, at the beginning of 2018, founded Plant Power Racing, a vegan cycling team to promote a vegan lifestyle.

Why did we do it? We are all convinced that a vegan lifestyle offers a wide range of benefits from health/performance improvements, environmental, to less animal cruelty.

We dream big. Our goal for this team is to create a platform to most effectively promote these benefits – we believe the more people adopting a vegan or more plant-based diet the better.

How do we want to achieve it? Immediately, our riding and racing makes our lifestyle visible to other cyclists we encounter out on the road and at races. Medium-term, we also want to reach those demographics outside of cycling. In particular, underprivileged, underserved communities, communities in food deserts, where veganism is the exception (if it exists at all). We believe these groups would win even more from a change in their diet and a shift towards a vegan lifestyle than anyone else.

When we talk about ‘a vegan lifestyle’ it is important for us to understand that our view is that there is no one vegan lifestyle. It is as individual as you are, and as we are.

An increasing number of vegan athletes are already out there pushing and promoting their vegan lifestyle – on an individual basis. In addition to that, we are optimistic that showcasing performance, positive attitude, and purpose as a team will complement our all mission to make the world ‘more vegan’. We strive to create a reputation of inclusiveness, authenticity, compassion. The benefits we experience from our vegan diet are our motivation to affect change.

We are no superstars. We are no social media celebrities. We are everyday amateur athletes. We are the 1st Vegan Cycling Team in the U.S.

Performance, Positive Attitude, Purpose. Driven by the Power of Plants.

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