We Just Planted A Lot of Trees

We just planted a lot of trees...thanks to you!

We want to keep everyone up to date on our progress with our efforts to help make the world a better place to live. 

As you know, we launched our "SAVE THE TREES" collection this past October. We set out to plant one tree for each item sold. This enables our community to get involved and create change when they shop with us. At the end of each quarter, we are going to be planting trees at once for all the items sold during that time. 

We have just recently decided to plant all the trees from this past quarter in Australia in an effort to help the region during some very difficult times. 

Australia is home to a huge variety of unique plants and animals, with over 80% of native species not found anywhere else. Our amazing partners are creating wildlife corridors with local vegetation and tree species from the Eastern Tiers to Central Highlands of Tasmania. Beyond protecting the habitats of seven endangered species, the longterm goals for this project are to establish 1.5 million native plants and sequester over 30,000 tonnes of carbon by 2030. Rebuilding these corridors will also help strengthen the environment against the impact of climate change, now and into the future.

Our partner has chosen trees that will bring the greatest overall benefit to the region. This includes various types of Eucalyptus and Acacia trees, among others, depending on the specific needs of each section of habitat being recreated across the Tasmanian midlands.

Thanks to all of you who supported this mission, and who will continue to support it going forward.  Because of your caring support we were able to provide much-needed aid and trees in an area that is in more need than any. 

We will continue to monitor and update you on this project. Of course, we are still planting a tree for each unit sold in our "SAVE THE TREES" collection. We will be planting more trees again in April. 

Lot's of Love! 

Cameron & Daniel 

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