In the pursuit to endure, there are no margins

No half steps or compromises. Just a pact you made with yourself. To endure the moment. To find comfort in the fatigue. And to bear the brunt of every second. We endure from doubt to determination to reach that coveted line, only to do it all over again. If you can endure like that, your gear should, too.

Gear that endures

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our plant-based or recycled synthetic products, never using materials derived from animals. 

We are proudly a cruelty-free and vegan brand. We are the only PETA Certified brand in endurance, benefiting both animals and the planet.

We prioritize the use of recycled materials while never sacrificing performance or durability. We also develop and source next-gen bio-based materials, always pushing the limits of sustainability and performance.

athletes who endure

Our athletes spend years in pursuit of seconds while pushing their gear to that absolute limit – proof that performance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. From the sport they love to the lives they lead, these are their stories inside and out. Keep enduring.

brett musco

Triathlete | Ironman World Championship Qualifier

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mike durkin

Runner | Semi-Pro

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Sheima Marand


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En·​dure (transitive verb):

to undergo without giving in

to continue to exist without any loss in quality or importance