Performance, Positive Attitude, Purpose. Driven by the Power of Plants.

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Our mission

“We are a vegan cycling team to promote a vegan lifestyle.”

An increasing number of vegan athletes are already out there pushing and promoting their vegan lifestyle – on an individual basis. In addition to that, we are optimistic that showcasing performance, positive attitude, and purpose as a team will complement our all mission to make the world ‘more vegan’. We strive to create a reputation of inclusiveness, authenticity, compassion. The benefits we experience from our vegan diet are our motivation to affect change.

Our story

Our riding and racing makes our lifestyle visible to other cyclists we encounter out on the road and at races.

We also want to reach those demographics outside of cycling. In particular, underprivileged, underserved communities, communities in food deserts, where veganism is the exception (if it exists at all). We believe these groups would win even more from a change in their diet and a shift towards a vegan lifestyle than anyone else.

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Our team

We are Mattia, Taylor, Oscar, Nick, Joshua, James and David. Seven vegan cyclists riding/competing at different levels, who, at the beginning of 2018, founded Plant Power Racing, a vegan cycling team to promote a vegan lifestyle.

We are no superstars. We are no social media celebrities. We are everyday amateur athletes. We are the 1st Vegan Cycling Team in the U.S.

Taylor Dawson

The future depends on people living a life that is compassionate.

After 3 years of a vegan diet,I feel better than I ever have and my blood markers indicate I am healthier and at lower risk of heart disease than in the past. I am considerably faster on the bike, have made the biggest improvements in my fitness after going vegan, and I recover quicker from hard training days than I used to.

David Baar

Racing in the U.S. since 2011, and vegan since 2015

I adopted a plant-based vegan diet in 2015. Even before, I was never a big meat-eater, but did notice that when stage-racing, a vegan diet helped me recover faster. I felt better and fresher the next day than when eating meat.

Nick Smith

I have been an athlete my entire life

Becoming plant based is one part of my journey to live with intention and purpose as an athlete and a human. I want to be aware of how my actions affect me and my immediate and extended surroundings. The effect on me as an athlete is clear, but I’ve become much more aware of the effect the livestock industry has on the planet - it’s not sustainable.

Oscar Ochoa

I’ve been riding bikes since 2008

I was born in Mexico and grew up in So-Cal, where I've spent most of my life. I began riding bikes when i was commuting out of necessity. I begin riding eventually for fun once I found friends to ride with and discovered the joys and health benefits of cycling. My journey into a plant-based lifestyle also began around that time.

James Walker

It began with wanting to be healthier and faster

I avoided many of the pitfalls a lot of new vegans fall into, and the results on the bike were obvious. I was lighter, I was snappier, and had better recovery. If those perceived differences weren’t enough, my power numbers and results spoke for themselves. I had a higher threshold power than ever, even with the weight loss, and I won more that season than I ever had prior.

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